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  • Quick Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the world they inhabit. They were created by the fabulous people at Hyper RPG and Zombie Orpheus for their equally fabulous RPG, Masters of the Metaverse! Project Metaverse Be sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/HyperRPG every Monday at 6PM PST to see more!
    This is an ongoing piece which I intend to work on as time and inspiration allows

    The Assignment
    The hotel room was cloaked in shadows as the only light was that coming from the street outside streaming through the single large window in the wall opposite the rooms door. The curtains were open as was the window leading to a fire escape outside. A man sat on a chair beside the bed in a position that allowed to see both the window and the door without moving.
    If the light had been brighter it would allowed to make out the man’s features and unremarkable would probably be the description that came to mind. It wasn’t that he was ugly because that would have been noticeable, he was simply non-descript. He was of medium height and medium build with brown hair cut in a slightly out of date but still popular style. He has no discernable scars though perhaps some were hidden by the well groomed beard. It was only the steel grey eyes that held the attention because if the eyes were windows to the soul these windows had the blinds down so nothing was revealed of what was going on inside. This was a man that you could sit next to at a dinner party and an hour later wouldn’t be able to recall a single thing about him apart from maybe the eyes.
    Your attention at this point in time though would probably had gone straight to the pair of handguns, one on each of the arms of the chair. A matching pair of Glocks each with a silencer fitted, it had been harder to get the silencers than the guns but people paid a lot more attention to gunshots in London than they did other parts of world so the silencers were a necessity.
    The man glanced at his watch which showed eleven fifty nine, not long now he thought and glanced at the figure in the bed. As if feeling his gaze the person in the bed burrowed further under the covers making it impossible to discern anything about them.
    It was then that a figure climbed into the room through the open window making the barest of sounds a submachine also fitted with a silencer held before him. This coincided with the door to room opening again with little more than a whisper to reveal another figure similarly armed. The two in perfect unison raised their weapons, took aim at the figure hidden by the bed sheets and squeezed their triggers. They fired three shots each which all struck their intended target. Then they crossed the room again in near perfect silence they moved to bed. A red stain was already beginning spread as one of them reached down and pulled back the covers.
    “Bollocks” the other one said as the now dead elderly man was clearly not who they’d been expecting to find.
    Their surprise and disappointment was short-lived as the sitting figure raised his pistols and fired a single shot at each of the gunmen. The shot took each of them at the base of skull causing death instantly but the sitting man still waited a moment with his guns raised just to be certain. When he was sure he got up and crossed the room. He turned the assailants over and looked down into the camera one of them had strapped to his chest.
    “I told Kreiger no.” Was all he said before smashing the camera.
    It was then that his mobile began to ring. He drew it from an inside pocket , a little surprised as no one was supposed to have this number but in his line of work nothing was impossible for some of the people that employed him. He didn’t recognise the number that showed on the phones screen but again that was nothing unusual. He swiped the phone to accept the call and raised it to his ear.
    “Good evening Cole I have an assignment for you. “ A cheerful voice announced.
    “ What do you need this time Tom?” Cole asked

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