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  • A Day at Joes’s Diner

    Quick Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the world they inhabit. They were created by the fabulous people at Hyper RPG and Zombie Orpheus for their equally fabulous RPG, Masters of the Metaverse! Be sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/HyperRPG every Monday at 6PM PST to see more!
    Just a slice of life at the Metaverse's favourite eaterie. This is my interpretation with thanks to everyone at hyper Rpg and Zombie Orpheus for their inspiration and entertainment.

    Hollywood had just said goodbye to the sparkle sisters after preventing a potentially disastrous confrontation between them and the galaxy Rangers. He wasn’t particularly definite as to who would have won and he preferred that the magical space princesses avoided coming to any harm especially as they weren’t all who they were supposed to be. He’d passed on the message to the Meta-Pilot Tessa but it’d been received with an uncomprehending blank expression and he was fairly sure that the others were suspicious that a subterfuge of some kind had occurred. Well he done his part,  it was up to them as how they  used the information which he’d provided.
    He was pulled out of his contemplation by the sound of someone shouting his name. He scanned the faces in the crowded diner to see who it was. It had to be a newcomer as he would’ve recognized the voice of any of the regulars. It was one of the sword and sorcery types crowded into the booth next to the kitchen entrance. He sighed and nodded in acknowledgement and started towards them  just as the bearded man in yellow robes was going to shout again.
    “How can I help?” He asked as he arrived beside the groups table.
      “We require provisions so we may continue onwards to glory.” A burly warrior clad head to toe in chain mail announced.
    “And information.” A softly spoken and incredibly pale figure wearing robes of some kind of holy order added.
    “Could you be more specific? Any particular provisions? The cherry pie is very popular.” Hollywood replied.
    “That sounds great and maybe a tankard of ale to accompany it” The wizard said to a disapproving look from the only female of the group. A pretty but equally formidable looking archer.
    “Sorry no alcohol on the premises, company policy.” Hollywood answered in a tone of finality which caused the argument which he knew was coming to be over before it started.
    “Coffee would be fine.” The holy man replied in a voice bereft of emotion. 	   The head waiter (well only waiter if truth be told) left the group which began to bicker the moment he turned his back. He collected four slices of cherry pie from under the glass display , filled four cups of coffee , one black and extra strong, one decaf, one extra milky and a double choc mocha and returned to the booth. Once there he handed out the orders. The extra strong to the cleric, the decaf to the knight, the extra milky to wizard and the mocha to the archer. She raised her eyebrows inquiringly.
    “Sorry , we’re out of Chai lattes but trust me you’ll enjoy this. “ Was all he said.
    “How did you know how we like our coffee?” The wizard asked.
       “Its just something I picked up from having worked here for so long.” He responded with a smile.
    He left them to their pie and coffee so that he could serve some of the other patrons. He was just in time to stop an incredibly innocent and experienced looking trio from seating with Balthazar the Black. The old necromancer claimed that he was retired now but Hollywood didn’t believe in taking chances. He knew the trio were obviously on their first quest and would have been too easy and too tempting a target to Balthazar. He’d been proven right when the black robed figure began to protest until Hollywood had raised his order pad. That had caused the necromancer to immediately back down. 
    It was just after he’d brought a round of strawberry cheesecake milkshakes over to four students and one in a bowl for their great Dane that the first group shouted for their check.
    “That was an awesome cherry pie and great coffee.” The yellow robed wizard announced as Hollywood presented their bill.
    “Glad to hear that , was there anything else?” The waiter asked and awaited the inevitable questions.
    “We did have some questions.” The priest said in the same monotone as all his previous statements.
    “I can answer three questions or rather I can give you three pieces of advice.” Was Hollywood’s response.
    “Can we overthrow the wicked kings?” The knight asked immediately which seemed to annoy the others who’d obviously wanted to confer first.
    “Only with considerable magic such as the Sword of Fighting, the Mace of Striking or the Spear of Piercing.” He’d been expecting that one and had the answer ready.
    “Will I be the one to fulfill their destiny?” The green clad lady asked.
    	Hollywood paused as that had caught him completely unprepared and he had to consider carefully how to deliver his reply.
    “Yes but it made not be the destiny which you had expected.” He answered and could see the surprise followed by disappointment which it created.
    “Shall all here see the end of the journey and the quest completed. “ It was the priest that asked and again Hollywood had foreseen it and had his answer ready.	
    “All I can say is that you have the potential to be victorious but luck is a fickle mistress so nothing is inevitable.” Which he knew wasn’t an answer but he said that he could only offer advice not answers.
    As the group got up to leave he lightly tapped the wizard on the shoulder with his order pad. The effect was instant and everyone in the diner except the pair of them was frozen in time.
    “Tessa was here and I gave her the information but I don’t know how much good it’s going to do.” Hollywood told the arcane figure before him.
    “It will all come together in the end , the plan will proceed causing The Project shall fall.” The wizard answered with a wide grin.
    “Actually another part of our grand design is about to walk through those doors. “ He added.
    Hollywood sighed and tapped his order book on the other man’s yellow shoulder. “Whatever you say Joe.”
    Time started again and the group all thanked him before filling out the door the wizard was the last to leave as he held door open for a group dressed in outfits from some dark cyber-future. He winked at Hollywood before stepping out into the night. 

    To Be Continued………………………………................

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