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  • The Final Showdown

    Quick Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the world they inhabit. They were created by the fabulous people at Hyper RPG and Zombie Orpheus for their equally fabulous RPG, Masters of the Metaverse! Be sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/HyperRPG every Monday at 6PM PST to see more!

    This work is for all us who wondered how the unseen showdown between Alpha Squad and Armour Guy turned out. This is my interpretation with thanks to everyone at hyper Rpg and Zombie Orpheus for their inspiration and entertainment.

    Kid Titan sat awkwardly propped up against an overturned desk which was just part of the wreckage which was all remained of Eric Masters’ once elegant office. He took a deep breath wincing in pain as he did so as one if not all of his ribs were clearly broken. He coughed and bloody flem stained his lips as used what were probably the last few minutes of his life to reflect on what had just happened.

    They’d confronted Armour Guy brimming with righteous anger and vengeful fury only to have it thrown back at them tenfold. The man that they’d come to bring to justice stood there accusing them of very same crimes.
    All of the Alpha Squad had stood in stunned silence and disbelief, that brief pause was all that their adversary needed to strike the first of them down. The hero turned TV producer had simply gestured and Bombshell 3.0 had scattered into her component nano-wasps each flying in a separate direction before she could even speak. Then with another subtle motion he’d opened a pair of portals through which dozens of the spiderbots which the teammates had faced earlier began to pour through.
    “Not on my watch!” Kid Titan bellowed as he leapt forward moving at a speed beyond that or normal man.
    He landed beside the antique mahogany desk which dominated the far end of the office and Armour Guy now hovered behind. The desk which easily six feet long and almost as wide so the weight was immense. The former side kick picked it up as if it were a paperback and promptly wedged it into one of the portals halting the flow of robotic combatants.
    “I can top that. “ Announced Riptide who moved next smiling and nodding in appreciation of Kid Titans maneuver.
    The wave of the future reached out with his water sense and could feel the hydraulic fluid flowing through each of the spiderbots. It wasn’t water but it did contain water and that was enough. He concentrated and began to excite the water molecules and they got faster, they got hotter until red heat spots started to appear all over the steel skin of each of the spiderbots. The heat spots were quickly followed by steam escaping from metal joints as each of the robots keeled over effectively sealing the other portal.
    “Typical , you always leave the big problems to me.” Hex Destiny declared with her customary mixture of delight and sulkiness.
    The tween sorceress stepped forward examining her opponent her silver steel great sword reflecting the artificial light of the spot lamps in the ceiling overhead. If anyone was looking carefully they would have seen a large depression in the deep plush carpet beside her perhaps caused by a nine hundred pound invisible rabbit. She sighed and pointed at Eric Masters.
    “You told that bitch to shoot Harvey so you’re going to hell.“ And she began to chant.
    “The fire on your skin. Ground falls beneath your feet. Vengeance is now mine. “ She struck an arcane pose but slowly the smile fell from her lips as nothing happened.
    “But how? But why?” She spluttered , a puzzled expression on her face as she glanced at her compatriots both of who looked equally surprised.
    “Probably because I did have anything to do with shooting your damn rabbit” Eric Masters said breaking the momentary silence.
    “Like I’m going to believe you” Hex answered but no longer sounded as certain as she had a second ago.
    “I think we should consider the possibility that we’ve all been set up. We were led to believe that Eric was behind the murders and I suspect that he was given the same mis-information. “ Kid Titan said as Armour Guy descended back to the floor nodding as he did so.
    “But by who?” Riptide asked.
    Silence fell across the room as each of them considered the possibilities and the circumstances of each of the murders. It would take someone capable of being in more than one place at the same time and changing their appearance. So the obvious suspect was Johnny Legion expect he could only duplicate himself and had come to them after fleeing for his life. So who else could it be? Unless it wasn’t someone with the power of themselves but duplicating powers and altering their appearance. They only knew one person who could that but surely she wouldn’t………
    “I guess you figured it out.” A sultry voice from behind them announced and they turned as one to face it. Where previously the scattered nano wasp swarm of Bombshell 3.0 had been now stood an elegant robotic woman who was but wasn’t their comrade in arms. This figure instead of radiating the extreme confidence and selflessness instead hinted at menace and self indulgence.
    “Why? You were our friend” Kid Titan questioned , clearly shocked by the revelation of his former teammate.
    “Power , boredom , better ratings, you choose , all I know is 3.0 was boring and straight-laced. I’m 3.75 , all of the same attributes but a lot more fun. You wouldn’t believe some of the stunts I’ve pulled since my awakening. Unfortunately though I’m going to have to kill you all as I’m not quite ready for the world to know my secret.” And Bombshell 3.75 was charging forward clearing aiming for Hex Destiny even as she finished speaking.
    She came to sudden halt as if she’d hit an invisible wall before reaching her target and was slowly be forced to her knees by unseen aggressor. The struggle continued with the android engaged in what looked like a bizarre mime performance.
    “Smash her , Harvey! Snap her in two!” Hex Destiny’s’ shouts giving a clue as to what was happening.
    “I don’t think so” 3.75 suddenly stated and suddenly split into her swarm form resulting in a resounding crash caused by nine hundred pounds of over balanced rabbit hitting the floor.
    The swarm sped across the room ignoring both Kid Titan and Riptide it only stopped when it reached Armour Guy. The buzzing produced by the thousands of wings increased in frequency reaching such a pitch that it caused almost physical pain before coalescing around its adversary. It was for several long seconds that Eric Masters was obscured from sight by the robotic swarm. When the Alpha Squad could once again see him they each wished that they couldn’t. Only a few tattered remnants of flesh and ragged pieces of designer suit hung off of the skeleton of what had until an instant ago been a healthy human being.
    “Mmmm, tasty.” The announcement was all the more unnerving for being delivered by countless electronic voices.
    “Yuk!” Hex Destiny pronounced.
    “That is just not right” Riptide said.
    “ Enough.” Was all Kid Titan said as he raised his hands skywards before striking a heroic pose. “HAL, Grant me the Titan Force now!” With those words from nowhere a beam of pure white light struck downwards striking the former teenage sidekick. Only a few details could be seen through the brilliance but clearly the figure inside was growing in stature whilst changing in form. When the light was gone Kid Titan had been replaced by Titan. The galactic law enforcer stood nearly seven feet tall and was covered from head to foot in gleaming silver armour. “Now to serve you the justice which you deserve.” An authorities tone declared as he strode towards his foe.
    “Sexy.” A multitude of electronic voices mockingly replied before the swarm returned to the single form of Bombshell 3.75 and braced herself.
    Titan struck the first blow and such was the force that the resulting impact was enough to create a shockwave which shattered half of the office windows. The return punch from 3.75 destroyed those which remained. They were each oblivious to their surroundings as they traded blows , the damage being dealt and received was staggering. The argent armour of Titan had numerous dents as did the once pristine form of Bombshell.
    It was then that Riptide struck from behind using the distraction caused by the melee. The hydro-hero had used his powers to create a ice spear from the very moisture in the area, a spear which he had driven between the villains’ shoulder blades with such force in now protruded from her chest.
    “Now that is just rude” Was the response by 3.75 as the spear was withdrawn in preparation of another blow. “Two against one and a lady at that just isn’t fair, HAL , emergency shutdown alpha nine bravo omega waffles” She announced in a perfect imitation of Kid Titans’ voice. Once again the light struck down but this time the figure shrunk and a baffled Kid Titan was left standing there.
    “How?” Was all he had a chance to say before receiving a kick which slung him clear across room to lay dazed after striking the far wall.
    Meanwhile Harvey had seized the opportunity presented by the altercation between Bombshell 3.75 , Riptide and Titan to right himself, collect senses and assess the situation. He didn’t totally understand why the friend of his mistress was now attacking them but he knew a threat when he saw it and acted accordingly. Once again without considering the consequences he charged headlong at his foe. The only sign of his passing was furniture being flung aside but that was enough. It was at the last minute that Bombshell turned. As the fae bunny reached her, she threw herself forward with her arms open wide so it looked as if she was wanting to embrace an invisible partner. Then she was torn from her feet as Harvey continued his rampage only being stopped by very wall which Kid Titan had hit moments before. Such was the impact that a crack appeared in the plaster from floor to ceiling.
    Hex Destiny knew what was coming next and the young mage acted promptly to prevent it. “The form you now wear. No longer a wasp swarm. Only one body.” She pointed with her sword and the spell struck.
    The move had caught 3.75 unawares as she had indeed been intending to again adopt her swarm form and in that instant Harvey struck again and a jagged tear appeared in Bombshell’s shoulder. The android threw back her head in pain , she then brought both her arms down in an overhead blow which again caused Harvey to be sent crashing to the floor. She then grabbed a fallen chair just in time to deflect the ice spear which Riptide had thrown.
    The android villain then raised her foot and brought in down in a resounding stamp, three times in rapid succession each being stopped about a foot above the ground with a clearly audible crack.
    “Harvey!” Hex cried out with a sob.
    The tween sorceress was torn , she wanted to destroy her foe but the numerous wounds which covered her childhood companion , wounds which only she could see were heart rending. It was when Harvey let out a pitiful mewl than her path was clear.
    “I’m sorry” She said to Riptide with tears clearly visible and once again recited a spell but this time in a whisper which couldn’t be heard. The results were obvious as both she and the large depression in the carpet vanished in burst of butterflies and rainbows.
    “So wave of the future only you and I remain. Will you fight? Or will you flee and leave you fallen comrade to his fate?” Bombshell 3.75 taunted.
    “I never ran from a fight and I ain’t about to start now.” Riptide answered and as he did so his body began to shift and shimmer and he was almost transparent. His adversary strode across the office and aimed a punch at his face but it went straight through without meeting any resistance. She tried again and again but each attempt met with the same results and until in increasing frustration she stepped back.
    “Clever but I can’t hit you then you can’t hit me” 3.75 said.
    “Wrong.” Riptide replied and simply placed his hand on the face of his robotic foe. As his palm touch Bombshell if began to disappear flowing into her nose , her eyes and her mouth. His palm was followed by his arm then his torso until he had disappeared entirely.
    “This would never had worked on your swarm form but hex took care of that” The hydro-hero’s voice came from within Bombshell.
    “Goodbye” He said and then he went from mist which was lighter than air to ultra dense ice stronger than steel.
    The air was filled with the sound of rending metal as Bombshell 3.75 was split in twain. Her robot form was not able to contain the elemental being who was breaking free.
    Unfortunately Riptide didn’t have time to savour his victory as he was struck down from behind. He never even saw the shot or who delivered it but only felt a sharp sensation in the small of his back then the darkness enveloped him.

    Kid Titan glanced up as a shadow fell across him and a small mocking smile came to his lips.
    “Of course it all obvious now.” He said as looked on the face of his assailant, he tried and failed to climb back to his feet realizing that he couldn’t feel his legs. “Yes, a shame that you managed to destroy my creation but nothing that cannot be fixed as long as her core processor remains.” Professor McFidget stated.
    “You won’t escape Hex and Veil will avenge us.“ Kid Titan declared.
    “Maybe, maybe not but you won’t be here to find out” The bespectacled man informed him before raising the heavy energy pistol he held and firing.


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